A new email address for Paulette Tomkins - 11/26/2007
Kella1_s640x480.jpg (77453 bytes)
Deborah 'Kela' Trottier Ruuskanen in China - 11/16/2007
Newsy Update and New Email from Kona "Cricket" Mowatt - 11/7/2007
New email address for retired Debra Palmer Decker 
Web Master is back from Las Vegas.  See my Vacation Photo's here.

New email address from Mike Costa - 9/27/2007
Dianna Hauskins Erickson
's Mission Photos - South AfricaDianna Safari Africa 2007.jpg (112955 bytes)  
A new album from Tom Rickey
A retired Robby Cahill checks in from Cashiers, NC - 8/21/2007
Updated email address from a retired Bob Nishida - 8/20/2007
Don Woolverton
checked in from Pine Grove Mills, Pa - 8/19/2007
Wedding1.jpg (1286599 bytes)The Web Master is back from son Keith's wedding in Destin FL. 

Babs1Web.jpg (182233 bytes)New email address from Babs Scott - 8/7/2007 Also a couple of new pictures of Babs at home.

Finally, Email for Toni Lowe Hulce, drop her a line! - 8/7/2007
Email confirmation from Dottie Cummins - 8/7/2007
Newsy update from "Scotty" Wade - 8/6/2007
Newsy update from "Sallee" Floyd - 8/6/2007
Sadly, we have learned of the death of Maycevene Lee in 2004.
New, more stable email for Dave Launchbury - 8/4/2007
Read about Dave Launchbury's drive to Alaska in 2006 here.
Newsy update & email address from Ray Pulsipher - 8/3/2007
Newsy update from Mary Kay Aeschliman Anderson - 7/29/2007
Newsy update & email address from Libbie McMahon - 7/29/2007
Newsy update from Mike Macy - 7/28/2007
Newsy update & email address from Chrislynn Bailey Craig - 7/26/2007
Update & new picture on Sandi Mickschl McEachron's Web Page - 6/23/2007
New home address for Daryl Davis on Maui - 7/25/2007
Updated email address from Janice Ellering Kurokawa - 7/25/2007
Dianna Hauskins Erickson
is on a mission to South Africa - 7/23/2007
Newsy update from Rick Daniel - 7/23/2007
Updated email address from Gil Hays - 7/23/2007
Updated email address from Janet Coons Hancock - 7/16/2007
Kona is back from her summer in Hawaii.  Pictures included - 7/14/2007
#231! 2nd New Find in 2007 - Marjorie Darlene Steele - 6/23/2007
Help Marjorie find Francine Powell.  Do you remember her?  Contact the Web Master if you can help.
1st New Find in 2007 - Jill Palmer - 6/19/2007
Don't forget the
The Radford Jubilee in Hawaii in October - 6/19/2007
Updated email addresses from Mike Robertson - 4/26/2007
Update & new picture on Nadine Varney Ramirez's Web Page - 3/5/2007
Diane Caires Kamalii lost her husband, Rodney Kamalii '63 last month
Update from Dennis Everette Paresa - 1/28/2007
Nice photo of Doreen Chung Nikaitani published in the 2007 Sony Hawaii Open program.
Check out 2 new pictures on Trish Turpel's Web Page - 1/16/2007
Can you guess who this is? Tell me.