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Freshman Junior 1983 1995 Louisiana Redfishing 2002 2009
The Great Blizzard of March 2009
My Grandson Sawyers 2nd Birthday Pool Party slideshow - August 2008

My Christmas in Richmond, VA - 2007
My vacation  in Las Vegas - 2007
My son Keith's Wedding - 2007

My Summer Vacation Pictures - 2003
Winter Storm Cures Web Site - 2002

Job Title - Audio Visual Technician
Current Location - Richmond, Virginia
Telephone - (804) 330-9172   Cell phone - (804) 337-3777

Personal Web Site

4/8/2008 Update
- Virginia is building a 50 mile bicycle trail from the Colonial Capital, Williamsburg, to the modern capital, Richmond.  It will roughly follow the alignment of Rte. 5 but will be on a separate right of way.  We needed to get some pictures of the completed 7 mile section, so Jack Bielhart and I volunteered our bikes and our selves as models. This boardwalk crosses a swampy stream close to Williamsburg.  If you click on the thumbnail and look at the bigger picture, see if you can find any of the 7 Canada Geese, one mallard, and one turtle that we could see.

I was a member of the class of '64 for the whole freshman year, but my folks said "Boy, you're having entirely too much FUN!"  So, I got shipped off to an all-boys boarding school on the Big Island - Hawaii Prep Academy.  I started surfing in '62. I hung out at Ft. Derussey, surfing Kaisers and at Makaha when I could get a ride. Summers were spent at Hickam on the swim team, bagging at the Commissary and attending Aloha parties on the Matson Liners as old friends shipped out.

I spent 1 year at Colorado College in Colorado Springs and have been working on that degree in fits and spurts ever since.

I spent 4 years ('66-70) in the Air Force as a Munitions Maintenance Specialist - 1 stateside training, 1 in Pleiku RSV & Nakon Phanom, Thailand then 2 years in rural southern England at RAF Welford and RAF Greenham Common.
I've been in Richmond, VA. for the last 43 years and with the Virginia Department of Transportation for the last 41. I started as a Staff Photographer. I'm now an Audio Visual Technician doing digital photography, computer graphics and web page work.
I've been married twice with a total of 5 kids and 5 grandsons. All the children are grown and on their own. Nancy and I have a striped long haired tabby, Simba. We got a cute little black Pomeranian just before Christmas, called Misty.  We live in a glass house in south Richmond on a wooded lot which is full of wild orchids and has regular visits from raccoons, opossums, chipmunks, squirrels, hawks, owls and a small herd of deer.
If you'd like to help me get in touch with all the scattered members of the class, please E-mail me any information you might have or any suggestions for where to look. We are way behind other classes in this search.
Mahalo" - 6/27/2008

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