Mary Kay Aeschliman Anderson

Job Title - Registered Nurse
Current Location - 7576 397th Street, North Branch, MN 55056
Telephone - (651)-674-6117

Update 6/1/2011 - I have a new email address I want to start using in place of my aol address, please make note of it, add to your address book, and delete my previous email.

 Update 10/20/2010 - Good to get your update Dean and I appreciate your keeping the website updated and working so hard to contact alumni, I did go to the website again and caught up on some people I recognized, will have to do more later, not sure how I lost it. I remember Suzanne Bedke; my closest friends were Mary Lynn Dixon Lewis and Cheryl Bray Hosack (she married classmate Wayne) and we're in touch a couple times a year, I visited Mary in Oklahoma City many years ago when we drove to Atlanta for my niece's high school graduation (on the way by way of OKC!). I saw the pictures that you gave link to and they are great. I'm taking 2 courses right now in evenings, one Dale Carnegie course, another Stephen Ministry and both have lots of reading so better get back to that. Thanks again, I'll try to keep in touch.

Update 10/12/2010 - "Haven't heard from any Radford grads in years, couldn't find the website again last time I tried. Got your email, am still working full time taking referrals for home care and hospice, no plans to retire yet, just got back from spending a week with my Mom, brother and family in Atlanta, Georgia, very nice and relaxing. Jenny graduated from college May 2009, did one year of volunteer ministry last year in Wilmington, DE with Lutheran Volunteer Corps, working in a child care center, great experience, they live on limited budget, learn to save, live in community with others in house provided, was going to start graduate school in August for speech therapist in Minnesota but felt called to serve one more year in Wilmington in same child care center so only in area 2 weeks in August before she drove back, is looking at graduate programs all over US trying to find best one for her so we'll see. My son, Jared, went back to college a year ago in computers and will finish a 2 year degree next year, he works overnights at a group home for disabled and lives with a friend who bought a house that was foreclosed earlier this year so see him occasionally.

Update 11/30/2008 - We had a nice Thanksgiving with my husband's family (mine is in Georgia) and both my kids, Jared, 23, Jenny, 21 were there.  Jenny went back to college in Sioux Falls, South Dakota today, she's in her senior year at Augustana College, Jared works at a group home with developmentally disabled adults in the area and rents from a friend about 25 miles from here so don't see him too often, he enjoys his independence.

Update 7/29/2007
- My daughter is half way through undergraduate, wants to be a speech-language pathologist with kids so will need to go to graduate school, will be checking out programs this year where she wants to get her Masters, she loves college in Sioux Falls, SD, I'm still working in home care, taking referrals for home care and hospice.

Update 8/16/2003 - I've missed contact with classmates that was happening for awhile.  What's new?  We're taking our oldest, son Jared up to his first year of college at University of Minnesota at Duluth, about 100 miles north and Duluth is such a neat town.  We go on August 29th so not too much longer and think we're all ready, know Jared is.  He's rooming with someone he knows from North Branch and reminds me of the excitement when I went away to college in Ohio.  My daughter, Jenny, will be a junior and plays on the high school varsity team so that'll be starting soon, school starts Sept. 2nd for both of them.

I graduated from Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio in 1968 with a BA in psychology, graduated from the U of Hawaii in 1969 with a MEd in educational psychology, taught Special Ed in Hawaii for one year and then moved to Minnesota where I worked in research for 6 years, went back and got an AA degree and RN in Ohio, back to Minnesota where I have worked as a nurse in various jobs since 1982 including nursing home, staff education, director of nursing and currently in home health care near my home community so was able to give up commuting to the Twin Cities. I am married, have a boy in 10th grade, daughter in 8th grade that keep me busy! Our family went back to Hawaii in March 2000 for 2 weeks and saw all the changes in the area around Radford but the school buildings are much the same. Was great to be back in Hawaii again, hadn't been there since my Mom moved back to the Mainland. She and my brother, Elg (class of 1967) and family live in Lawrenceville, GA. I lived in Foster Village from 1962-1964, went to college in Ohio and when I returned home in June 1965 my mother had moved to Honolulu so I didn't get back to FV much. I did drive through in March when we were in Hawaii and couldn't believe that intersection of Radford and Foster Village and how that had changed, traffic lights and 4 lanes!! I used to walk across there, a two lane highway with a cross walk. 

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