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Suzanne Bedke

Job Title - Retired - Pharmacist
Current Location -
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Update 10/8/2010 - We are still living here in Brookings, Oregon. Bruce is retired and I'm back to working (part-time) as a pharmacist.....

Our newest adventure is that we're going on a 30-day cruise, embarking in Istanbul, through the Mediterranean, around the western coast of Africa, and disembarking in Capetown, So Africa -- exciting!! We leave November 10th.

Update 2005 - An incredible thing happened to me this year. A classmate from our Radford Class of '64, Bruce D.
Bruce and SuzanneGreene, contacted me via email -- he 'found' me on this web site. His dad was Navy and he attended Radford for just a few months prior to graduation, but he remembered me. He flew a private plane and met me for lunch in Phoenix, AZ around Christmastime 2004. We emailed for 6 months, met again over 4th of July 2005 weekend when he flew me to Brookings, OR. I think it was destiny.......our interests paralleled and it felt so right being here and together. One thing lead to another and lo and behold I picked up and moved to Oregon, 'retired', and am living here with Bruce and am very happy. Is this a fairy tale or not??????? 

After graduating from Radford, I moved to Salt Lake City and graduated from the U of U with a B.S. in pharmacy. Have lived mostly in Utah, California, and Arizona and worked as a pharmacist most of my life. I have 2 children, a boy and a girl, who are now in college. I love to travel and have done a lot of it.......probably due to my military upbringing! I have returned to Hawaii (and Radford!) several times -- always with nostalgia for high school days........ Ahh, to be young again! 

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