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Dianna Kay Hauskins Erickson

Job Title - American Airlines Flight Attendant
Current Location - 14851 Jeffrey Rd. #244, Irvine, Ca. 92618
Telephone - 949-387-3825

Update 9/4/2007 - I am back from South Africa after a month.  See some pictures here. Dianna Safari Africa 2007.jpg (112955 bytes)

Update 12/7/2005 - New Email, address and phone - see above. See more new Photos - Click here.

 I just came back from a trip to Boston and was in the snow storm there. The 5 hour trip turned into around 9 hrs.  Did enjoy the snow when I got to the hotel though. "Erickson" came from my husband of 24 years. I had his name longer than my maiden name (and liked it better) so I decided to keep it.  

My sis still isn't married.  They keep putting it off.  The wedding is now supposed to be this Valentines Day...we'll see.  For housing, we have sold the house we were in together and I am now living in a mobile home park.  Barbara (sis) lives in the same park about a block away.  It's good to be close...but separate!

My desire has been to slow down in my work in hopes of retiring in 5-6 yrs.  As you are well aware So. Ca. housing prices are off the charts.  I have had to work so much overtime just to make house payments that I couldn't see me ever slowing down much less retiring.  That is the main reason I have relocated in a mobile home park.  I was able to pay it off and now I only have the "pad fee" plus utilities a month.  The bonus is that the park is a HUD park also.  I have a limit on how much I can make per year.  That also keeps all the fees down so much lower than a "non HUD" park.  My church is right down the street so within a year, I'll be right on track to slow down, retire and spend more time in the Lord's service, seeing Grandkids & family, and maybe do some traveling.

11/21/2004 - Since the divorce, my sis and I bought a home together and remodeled it.  This home we bought was to be the last one and us two old ladies would live out our lives together here.....NOT!  She has had the nerve to meet and make plans to get married in April. Any way, we are in the process of selling this house and I'm looking for my own.

"So great to hear from someone from my graduating class! I was really hoping to connect with someone from Radford '64. It was so-o-o good to see the title of "The Ram Page". I was on the staff of the newspaper. boy did that bring back memories. Have you been able to contact anyone else from our class of 64. If so, who. I have always wished we weren't such a transient group of people [i.e. service brats] so that we would have been able to have some kind of class reunion. I'd really love to know what's become of a lot of the people I knew. Keep in touch!" Dianna - Dec. 16, 1998

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