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Bob and Ester Kaden

Dianna Hauskins Erickson and granddaughter, Trinity

Dianna Hauskins Erickson looking great for her birthday

 Libbie McMahon, Owner of
Lahaina Glass Works

Tom Seabrook, Barbara Frank Foote and Laura "Tinker" Mentzer

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Chris Yaeger Coleman, her daughter, Bridgitt Fitzhugh & Barb Foote Frank in Hawaii in October
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Kona's Waikiki Surf Lookout
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Too much Golf, not enough Surfing!
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Kona checks out the beach at Bellows
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Chris Yaeger Coleman, Tom Seabrook
and Barb Foote Frank

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Janice "Ellering" Kurokawa
and Maryann Cichoski

Cindee and Russ Hollingsworth,
Scotty (seated) and Ilene Wade, Bob
Hooper's wife Susan, and Ashley
and Lorna Brown

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'Sandi' Mickschl McEachron
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Robby & Jeannie Cahill

Ace & Dave at Sandy Beach

Kona arrives in the Islands
Summer 2000

Bob and Susan Hooper
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Jerry Willover's Latest "Official" Photo
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The Ace Evers Family