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Donna Kona Maria 'Cricket' Mowat-Brunkenhoefer, LCSW, BCD

Job Title - School Social Worker
Current Location - San Antonio, Tx.
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Update 9/12/2009 -  "Just had an amazing thing happen. I am home with the flu and received an email from a woman who has the drawings I did of the Beatles in 1963 and the letter I wrote to them. She was going through a box of things, found the letter and looked up Cricket Mowat on the internet and found me via the Class of 64 web site. She sent me a digital photo of the drawings I made when I was 17. Whoa! Forty-six years later. Apparently the Beatles never received my packet but her auntie who worked at the Royal Hawaiian gave the drawings to her and she has kept them all these years. I spent three weeks in Hawaii this summer
.  Have been dating a man who has ties to Hawaii and a sister-in-law (he is a widower) who provided wonderful accommodations in Kaimuki. Barbara is a professor at Chamanade University and acting dean of one of the business schools. Anyway, went boogie boarding a few times but Levi isn't really comfortable in the water so it was either watch him drown trying to keep up with me or find other things to do. We basically explored the whole of Oahu and even "groan" the Polynesian Cultural Center. Spent a lot of time flaking out Kailua side and generally kicking back for a change. Ate lots of Kalbi but have thus far managed to keep weight loss from weightwatchers. Son Craig and daughter-in-law Anna finally graduated law school in May and are awaiting the bar results in November. Brad will become a father for first time in January. Mom is healthier than I am (home for last two days ill), she is pushing 88 and we are planning another cruise, this time with my two sisters. We go on at least two a year and will continue to do so as long as she can travel.

Update 4/9/2009 -  "Am fine, daughter getting married May 24th, then off to Hawaii on June 17th.  Film at eleven."

4/2/2009 -
So far so good with my position, they gave me another year contract, a new office, new laptop and am in the process of hiring a new social worker. Hopefully this means I am secure for a little while longer. Our spring break was the week of March 8 through 15 so Mom and I headed for Galveston and a cruise. I really didn’t expect much from Carnival but was totally surprised as the Conquest is a different class of ship and very awesome. Was having a great rest till Mom almost spilled down the stairs and spent the rest of cruise in a sling. All healed now and personally I think it wasn’t just the grab for Mom that did it. We had enough luggage for three people and hefting those bags so she could unpack sort of got the muscle pulled already. Still enjoyed Jamaica, though our driver nearly gave mother a heart attack. Rested onboard for the Grand Cayman stop and did a wee bit of shopping in Cozumel.

5/30/2008 -
Brad's Wedding went off like clockwork with a lot of assistance from his four siblings. I was overwhelmed but my sons and daughters stepped up and took a lot of the load off dis slightly crazy woman the day of the big event. They did not give us adequate time for the caterer and decorations to be setup and if it hadn’t been for my kids I would’ve collapsed. They are back from their honeymoon in Banff, Canada and getting ready to move into the new town home they just bought.

11/7/2007 - 
My son was just named as a "go to lawyer" in Texas in a publication put out by the trial lawyers association.  At 40 Blake is the youngest "expert in Admiralty law in the state and gulf region."  Do I sound proud?  Yep, grinning like a Chesser Cat.  He wanted to do something special for my mother and I so he arranged a 25 day cruise of the Mediterranean on the Queen Mary 2 for June 8, 2008. 

All my kids are doing fantastic...even my baby is talking marriage now so I guess I should feel old....NAW!

6/20/2007 - Cyndi sold my surfboard at my request but let me tell you dude...boogie boarding 5 to 6 ft. waves is fun also.  We had a swell last week with 6-8 ft. on the south shore and it was awesome.  I was bruised but had aIMG_0369.jpg (428135 bytes) blast, even though some of those drops rattled my teeth and my neck.  Talk about a cervical pop or two...whoa! 
I finally looked around and realized I had about twenty years on everyone else out there except for one hard core Hawaiian dude who told me he was 59 and two years younger.  Made me feel young and invincible...for about four hours.   LOL  Later I was sunburned, aching all over and delirious with pure happiness.  Worth every push up and sit up I had to go through to get strong enough to do this but I sure took a pounding for the three days of the swell.  Man just paddling out was an endurance test.  Whew!   Check out the photos I have included and notice my left arm is bruised all over.

12/4/2006 -
I am home right now with pneumonia. Started before Thanksgiving with a minor upper respiratory  infection, gave me shot of antibiotics, called in RX, felt much better, doctor cleared me to travel to Galveston and I went on Thanksgiving cruise with my mother. Rested, slept a great deal, ate too much, laid around a lot and when we returned worked two days, came down with a high fever out of nowhere. Just learned I will not be going back for a week or two more and since I am really weak...it is probably for the best. Anyway, am using the time to prepare for next semester. I have a new grad student coming and I am tired of the school district thinking I can do the work of three people. Soooooo, I whacked my schedule down to manageable proportions, and decided to let them know my decision. I am tired of being tired...though I love my job...I don't want to die for it.

Still in Texas, finally getting some rest after the big move to the new house. For the first few days it was a nightmare, as there was more to fix in my new freebie abode. New water heater, some electrical work, some plumbing, etc. Sigh, nothing is ever quite perfect despite the best laid plans.

But, boy am I stoked. I love this place. Big trees, tons of squirrels, a hot tub (which now works) and the feel of being out in the country with close city conveniences. How did I ever get this lucky? Looks like my other house is going to sell pretty quick (I hope) and I am trying to kick back for a few days, see movies, watch da birds, enjoy a break in the winter weather, get back on my exercise routine so I can surf this summer...and rest da head. It has been a wild few weeks.


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