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Raymond Carl 'Ray' Pulsipher - Deceased

Oct. 5, 1946 to Jan. 13, 2013 Raymond "Ray" Pulsipher passed away at his home in Big Bear, CA on January 13, 2013. He was 66. Born in Price, UT Ray primarily grew up in San Diego but also spent time as young man in Hawaii. After working for the Armor Oil Company in San Diego, Ray joined the San Diego Police Department where he served for 31 years before retiring as a Detective. Throughout his life Ray was an avid outdoor sportsman and made numerous fishing and hunting trips across the country. It's fair to say that Ray was a very special man who was loved by many. He is survived by his children, Rick, Angie, and Kristi, his brothers Bob and Dan, sister Micki, and stepfather Aaron. He will also be dearly missed by countless friends and colleagues. The family would also like to give special thanks to Teresa Clark for her compassion. - Published in U-T San Diego on Jan. 22, 2013
12/29/2010 There are three roads in and out of big bear. the main road, or what the locals call the front way, is totally closed and will probably remain that way until the spring. we had about eight days and nights of non-stop rain. that was followed by a couple of days of really wet snow, which was followed by several days of sub frreezing temperatures. there several mud and rock slides and 60 mph winds which blew trees down. at one point all the roads in and out were closed. fortunately they have been able to open two of the roads. i live in an area that is on a hillside about a thousand feet above the lake and abuts the national forest. i am able to drive around town with no difficulty in my four wheel drive truck and the road closures have not affected me. i have become accustomed to the winter weather and have adapted to the inconviences that accompany it. it does however make me think of hawaii quite a bit. thanks for your concern and e-mail. hauoli maka hiki ho. .

9/30/2010 - "I
'm still in Big Bear and doing a lot of fishing. Currently getting my house and yard ready for winter. I hear from Art Amidon from time to time but that is about all."

June 5, 2010 - In the Fishing for $50K Trout Derby it was Big Bear Lake resident Ray Pulsipher who bagged one of the biggest cash prizes of the day: $500 for the largest trout, weighing 3.77 pounds.

Updated 8/3/2007 - I retired from the SDPD after 31 years and had a home built in Big Bear Lake, CA. I live here full time now and just enjoying the retired life.  Fishing is great and all water activities on the lake are in full swing. Summer is awesome here. My e-mail has been down for quite some time, but it is back now with the same e-mail address as before.

Navy brat, U of H. Miramar Would like to hear from Elizabeth West '66 who went on to graduate from Mt. McGill H.S. in San Diego Update
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