Deborah Diane 'Kela' Trottier Ruuskanen

Job Title - Professor of English Linguistics
Current Location - China
Telephone - 


9/26/2010 - Kela reports her quiet small wedding on Sept. 17th, 2010 in Seattle WA. She anticipates a move to the San Francisco area in the coming year.

9/12/2009 - Cary, NC is my permanent address in the USA. I vote in NC. I am ACTUALLY sitting in CHINA, in Jinan, about 300 miles south of Beijing. I may be relocating to Seattle, ;Washington State, when my job here in China finishes. My email address has changed (see above) and I would be delighted to hear from anyone who remembers me. Please do share my info with the Classmates of '64.

11/16/2007 Kela is teaching in China this year. Click pictures to enlarge, back to return.

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Kela embarks on a journey of self-exploration, accompanied by Monkey and Pig. This photo was taken at the October Moon Festival, at 1000 Buddha Mountain. Actors dress up, and you can even rent costumes yourself.

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Crabs on a stick

B.A. English from U South Carolina 1968
M.A. English UNC State, Raleigh 1969
M.A. English Linguistics, U Birmingham ENGLAND 1991
PhilLic Linguistics U Vaasa 2000
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Three children: Markus, 1973, now an ER nurse, about to ship out with UN Peacekeeping Forces as a medical officer; Larissa 1974, now in Atlanta working on a PhD in Clinical Psych; Anna-Carolina, 1980, now in Vet school in Florida but coming home for the summer. Currently Prof. of English Linguistics at the University of Vaasa, Finland, and a Consultant in Linguistics/Translation for the European Union. My latest project was helping the Ministry of Agriculture of Romania set up a translation unit to translate all of the Food Directives in the ACQUIS (Directives which MUST be translated and made part of legislation before a country can accede to the EU). I travel a great deal.  I'd love to know what happened to Trudy Porter and M. Fiore!!!

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