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Chrislynn Bailey Craig

Job Title -
Current Location - Yelm, Washington
Telephone - (360) 894-3040
Cell Phone - (253) 468-3551


Update - 7/26/2007-  I just could not get seriously interested in seeking work, but did start doing some "mystery shopping". It led to an offer of very part time work with Levy Books, who has the contract to set up and maintain the book departments in various low end retail establishments. I am now keeping the book departments in the new Walmart in Yelm and the old Rite Aid in Yelm. I always joked about becoming a Walmart greeter, but since I mostly refuse to shop at Walmart that was clearly a joke. But I only work AT Walmart, not for Walmart. It pays a decent wage for part time work, just about 1/3-1/4 of what I used to make! We are no longer feeding cattle on a regular basis. It got to be too much with the dancing all the time, and trying to keep up with a rental and a house in the country. I never did do any cotillion dance classes at Hickam. I lived on Ford Island most of the time and it kept me incarcerated more than I would have liked! One of my fondest memories tho is dancing barefoot to the Ventures at the Ford Island Officers Club. I already loved to dance and that just reinforced it. 

Update - 11/27/2006 - I retired January 31, 2004 from Washington State. I was off work for just 8 months, then I returned to work for the agency for 11 more months. I re-retired in September 2005. I am kindasorta looking for work.  
In July 2005 I met a wonderful man, Murray. He is a forensic psychologist at the state hospital by day and a dancer and a real cowboy at night. He was raised in New Mexico and learned to cowboy there as a boy. I moved to the country (Yelm) in January of this year.

He works days managing a forensic psychology unit; nights are more fun as we feed cattle and dance. It is the "season of mud" in the Pacific Northwest, and the cattle are telling us they need life jackets. This 60 year old (formerly sedentary) grandmother of 4 is climbing fences, laying irrigation pipe, driving tractor, and falling in the mud and manure. Murray tells me I am particularly fetching with manure on my face. I will attach a photo or two.

Murray can retire from the state in 5 years, and we look forward to going to a warmer dryer climate. He took me to New Mexico for New Years Eve plus ten days and he promised to take me back there when we can both retire.

I went to the class of 1965 reunion on the big island of Hawaii in 2005 (where I stayed with Linda and Robert May) and hope to go to the "all class" reunion in 2007, as well as the 1965 "mini-reunion" in Vegas in May 2007. These gigs are a lot of fun and the renewal of friendships (with friends I never expected to see again) has brought a lot to my life.

Tom Rickey and I got together for lunch about two months ago, and it was great seeing him too.

Please note the new email address and phone numbers. I would love to hear from all of ya'll!

By the way Patti (Trish) Turpel and her college age daughter went to see Robert and Linda May a few months ago on the big island. See the pictures Here.

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