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Dennis Everette Paresa

Job Title - Sales
Current Location - Las Vegas, NV.
Telephone - 


Update - 1/28/2007 For the past almost 2 years I've been back in Las Vegas. A lot more warmer than Indiana and with the 100,000 plus Hawaiians who live here now and local Hawaiian take out restaurants, its almost like living in Hawaii without the beach. I live here in a place called Sun City Summerlin retirement community with Billy Soon (who was our Quarterback at Radford and graduated in 64) who also has a house here. Bob Nishida and I usually hook up several times a year when he comes to Las Vegas from Calif.  Will see him next week.

I moved back here to Las Vegas without the ex-wife.  Since her family is there, she decided to stay closer to her grand kids.  My kids live up in Seattle - a bit to cold for this Hawaiian.   My oldest son, 26, is coming down this week with 10 other guys for the super bowl weekend which is the biggest event of the year in Las Vegas - bigger than New Years. He started coming here with just a couple other guys, now it's grown to ten.  Having a Super Bowl party here at my place. 

12/18/2003 - Currently living in Indianapolis, IN. (2 weeks) where the wife is from, after a brief stint in Las Vegas where my future home is being built for retirement? Got married in Vegas 5 months ago. Currently a snow bum.

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