Update 12/16/2010 - Dianna Hauskins Erickson has a new email. It's listed on her page now.



BobUpdate 12/11/2010 - I'm happy to report that Libbie McMahon has recovered from her hand surgery and can resume cutting and fusing glass.  Visit her web site at http://www.lahainaglass.com for unique gifts of handmade glass or just to say Aloha.



BobUpdate 12/11/2010 - I had Robbie Cahill's email wrong on his web page since the June update.  I've gotten it corrected and added his note from yesterday to his page.



BobUpdate 12/11/2010 - I had a nice Facebook chat today with Paul Hulett.  He is looking for his friend from the Stags - Ed Jordan.  Let me know if you know any information on Ed and check out the updates to Paul's page.



BobUpdate 11/22/2010 - I had a nice chat today with Noreen Hallworth Wiezalis our freshman Classmate and Navy Junior in East Hartford, CT .  Her new email address is on her web page.



BobUpdate 11/2/2010 - Got a long newsy update by phone from Robert Allen 'Bob' Moore over the weekend.  Check it out on his web page.



Taylor NowUpdate - 10/31/2010 - Candice Taylor Dobbins' new email is on her page now.  L.A. lunch bunch - let her know when you are getting together again.



lawlessUpdate - 10/24/2010 - Number 241 - Don Lawless found in Oklahoma City, OK



Laird NowUpdate 10/21/2010 - New email address and picture for Susan Laird Jenkins.



maryUpdate 10/20/2010 - Got a long newsy update from Mary Kay Aeschliman today.  Check it out on her web page.



Shawn SaucierUpdate - 10/11/2010 - Number 240 - Shawn Saucier Ball found in Woodbridge, CA



Update 10/9/2010 - At long last a new email address and newsy update from Mikal Perry Fonseca

Update 10/9/2010 - Newsy update from Suzanne Bedke

Update 10/8/2010 - New email address for Jeanie Hoogewind Francis

Update 10/7/2010
- Newsy update from Nadine Varney about her mission to Lima, Peru and their travels to Nadine & RonMachu Picchu, Lake Titicaca and the "floating" islands, the Lord of Sipan museum (rivals the King Tut find in Egypt), the Ballestras (the "Galapagos" of Peru), Chan Chan (largest adobe city in the world) and the Amazon jungle.


Update 10/2/2010 - Finally!  A new email address for Chris Yaeger Coleman and news of her latest project Chris nowin Frederick, Maryland.



Update 10/2/2010 - New email address for Lynn Popwell

Update 10/2/2010
- New email address for Ace Evers

Update 10/2/2010
- Newsy update from Lucky Mathews

Update 10/2/2010
- Newsy update from Ray Pulsipher

Update 10/2/2010
- Newsy update from Jim Phillips

Update - 9/28/2010 - Ann Beaudry checked in from Boston.  Our sophomore classmate has moved on to an Beaudry Nowexecutive position with the The Schott Foundation for Public Education.



Update - 9/26/2010 - Diane 'Kela' Trottier Ruuskanen reports her quiet small wedding on Sept. 17th, 2010 in Seattle WA. She anticipates a move to the San Francisco area in the coming year.

Update - 9/22/2010 - Melanie Wilson Dickman  sent us a newsy update and a super new picture Melanie 2010from her office web site in Los Gatos, CA.




Update - 9/21/2010 - Dawn Lofink Mancini sends a newsy update about her latest move from Scottsville, AZ. to Las Vegas

Update 9/7/2010 - Computer Crash slows down updates here at the Ram Page '64.  I'm getting the new computer up and running.  Just have to get used to Windows 7 and back up all the files and pictures that make up this site.

Update - 8/15/2010 - Diann Maerk Williamson sends a newsy update about their latest move and plans for retirement.

Update - 8/11/2010 - Number 239 - Georgina Orbello Woodward found in Dallas, TX

Update - 7/2/2010 - Number 238 - David Burgess found in Detroit, MI

Update - June 2-3, 2010 -
Robbie Cahill sends a newsy update from Cashiers, NC and pictures of his granddaughter and daughter, wife Jeannie and Golden Retriever Maxie and her 11 puppies.

Update 4/7/2010 - Joe Huau sends his new address

3/13/2010 - He's Alive!
- John "Smiley" Thompson writes "We are both still alive and well. Val still with the sheriffs office, and I retired due work slow down. Plenty of time with catch on house, grand kids, and fishing. Maybe I can learn to catch not just fish."

Nancy Jo Kemp in D.C. says "It is our year, after all most of us were born in 46, turn that around and graduate in 64 and we all will be 64 this year! I have stage 4 cancer and broke my pelvis in 2009. I am doing well and recovering nicely. I am back working and my friends are amazed at my recovery. I am in great spirits. My docs say I am a miracle. Good for me."

Dean Covey, the Web Master, had a record setting, snowy start to 2010 in Richmond, VA. I'm spending a lot of time over on Facebook lately along with 12 other members of the Class who have become Fans of the Radford High School Class of 1964 Page I started there.

Judi Fishback Brogden from the Class of '64 turned up in Classmates.com which included her married name. She is already in Facebook as Judi Brogden. She works for Keller Williams Realty in East Hillsborough County, Florida. I haven't heard back from her yet.

Update 3/11/2010
- Herb Kahikina was a member of the Radford Class of '64 freshman, sophomore and junior years before his family moved to Molokai. Herb is living in Indianapolis, IN these days. He is also on Facebook and a Fan of the Radford High School Class of 1964 Facebook Page there.