The Vegas Mini Reunion that YOU missed!
Mike Costa, Bob Nishida and Mike Robertson partake of the local scenery at a little casino on Fremont Street 

" Well here are the pictures of our MINI Class Reunion in early March.  The positive thing is that this time Mike Robertson and his wife joined us.  That made THREE for this reunion.  Dennis Paresa, Leroy Funn, Bill Soon and their wives could not make  it.  Sandi Mickschl McEachron emailed me for more info but the date did not fit into her schedule.  Maybe next time. 
As you can see, we had a great time.  Ate, talked story, and lost money.  The main thing is we had a ball.  We even got comped for our meal Saturday night because it was my birthday ( end of February)." - Bob Nishida

Mikki & Mike Costa, Maria & Mike Robertson and Bob & Kathie Nishida at the California Hotel.

"We had a great time, even loosing money. Hopefully we will do it again, later this year. Mike & Bob both have Honolulu trips scheduled for late March and April.

Mikki & I spent a week on the Big Island in November. It was fantastic. We went to Kilauea, and watched the lava as it enters the water. An awesome sight, especially after dark.  We went to Kapaau.  I went body surfing at Hapuna Beach. When we got home, Mikki told our son about it.  He replied,  " Those must have been some big waves, if Dad could surf them" - Mike Costa.