Barbara Jaye Foote Frank

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Current Location - Portland, OR
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Update 8/1/2009 - Still working at Springbrook Software.  I'm not traveling for work anymore so have gotten a "mutt" from the pound. The cats keep him pretty busy.  Haven't seen any of the old crew in ages. 

My dad was an Air Force pilot and we lived in Foster Village and Hickam AFB.  My senior picture was shot when I was at St. Andrews Priory before transferring to Radford in the middle of Senior year. I lifeguarded at the airmen's pool on Hickam.  Graduate of Oregon State University. Share my home with 2 roommates of the feline variety (Minnie and Spanky) and the new dog Hank. I'm an avid runner (in all modesty, more of a jogger these days), cyclist and gardener.

Barb Foote Frank


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