Karla Sue Edwards Carter

Job Title - Cheerleading Apparel Sales
Current Location - 124 Surrey Circle, Aiken, SC 29801
Telephone - (803) 644-9601

 E-Mail Sue at tcsc03@bellsouth.net - NEW 3/25/2003

Update - 10/20/2002   I am fine, just as busy as can be,  We have moved to Aiken, SC to be closer to our children and grandsons.  I have been selling Cheerleading apparel for 20 years and was able to transfer my territory to NE Ga.  Since I have the hospital insurance, I can't quit anytime soon and Tom can work from anywhere so we had to wait till the timing was right for me.  Of course, that means getting the new coaches to buy so I have been up to my ears in coaches, cheerleaders and new territory.  I think I will like it after I figure out where all the schools are located.  My husband says "He will retire and travel with me"  He says he can make my job so much easier, He can take the measurements and I can do all the writing.  Does that sound like a dirty ole man?  I was able to sell the University of Georga so if you watch Football - Check out the cheerleaders.  My grandsons even love their "Amie's Job".  I only have 200 schools.  The big plus in the job - It keeps me young.

I attended Radford Senior year. After graduation I left Hawaii in 64. My father was transferred to Cape Cod. I met and married my husband in 66. After his military service was over in 67, we moved to Atlanta, Ga. We have been married 35 years and have 2 sons, Brian who is in sales like his Mom and Dad and Ty who is an Orthopedic Doctor specializing in Spine. About 17 years ago, we moved to Sylvester, Ga. where I have been in sales of cheerleading/dance apparel. The pride and joy of our Middle Age is our three grandsons.

Does anyone know what became of of Leilani-Gail Moss from the class of '64?  (Web Master's Note - We found Leilani-Gail this fall.)
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