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Donnel Charles Cummings

Job Title - Semi-Retired.
Current Location - Vero Beach, Florida
Telephone -

Update - 1/21//2008 - living in Vero Beach, Florida. Went through a couple of rough years with hurricanes.  My wife, Chrissie, and I went on two Caribbean cruises and had a blast.  I'm still a geek but that's okay....I've learned to live with that.

On the 30th of June, 2003, after 30 years with NSA, I retired.  Not only that but I sold my house and relocated. All that in less than a month. Can you believe it? One minute I'm thinking about retiring and returning as a contractor, the next minute I'm looking for a place to live in Florida. We've been here a month now and it's a matter of adjusting to not having job responsibilities and thanks to the sale of our house - no bills. Anyway, one day at a time and easy does it.

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