Valinda 'Lin' Smith Oliver

Job Title - Librarian
Current Location - Rock Spring, GA
Telephone -


Update 10/16/2004 - I am still here at the LaFayette Walker County Library. Hope to stay at the Library until I'm 62 - that will be in four years.

Yes my dad was transferred to Travis before commencement so I didn't get to walk. I stayed in California through 1966 and then my dad got transferred back to Hawaii so I went back with my parents after my sister got married. I worked at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel in the beauty salon for three years and I lived on base with my parents and my sister Randi. She graduated in 1967 from Radford. Her name was Randi Smith. I married in 1969 on the base at Chapel 1. My husband of 32 years was in the Air Force and from the south, so we ended up in his home state of Georgia. I owned my own beauty shop for years then decided to try something different. I manage the LaFayette Walker County Library and I love it. It is really different and definitely not boring. I do all the referencing and book ordering for the library. I supervise genealogy and the children's dept. I have a gift of the tongue so I never meet a stranger. I think being a military brat makes you a bit more open and friendly. I also see Dennis Crowe once in while as his mother lives in this town and he visits her often. Dennis was in the class of 62. Put me on your members list please as I would like to get in touch with some people. 07/27/2001

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