Laura Jean 'Tinker' Mentzer Hall

Current Location - Portland, OR

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Updated 12/1/2003 - After graduating from Radford, my Navy family was stationed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where I went to UNM as an Art Major.  Married a Navy Lt. in 1967. He got out of the service and we moved to Seattle, where our daughter Jennifer, was born, then transferred to Portland, Oregon, where our son Byron, was born. We divorced in 1980 and I have lived here since raising my children, doing bookkeeping and retail sales.
   My daughter, Jennifer, is the Special Programs Event Planner at the University of Washington, she married her partner, and they adopted a little girl, Nora, my first grandchild.
   My son, Byron, was very involved in Music, teaching various high school Marching Bands, and now is also a Physical Fitness Trainer.
   I learned 3 years ago how to plug in a computer, yeah!!  and have been selling on Ebay too.
   This Radford H.S. website is wonderful, thanks to Allen, for all of us "military brats" who would otherwise be hard pressed to find all our old friends. And I'm hopeful that we can get our class "Reunion" organized for next summer/fall.
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