Edmond Lockwood 'Ed' Bouton

Job Title - Budget Officer
Current Location - 13504 Gambrel Court, Laurel, Maryland 20708
Telephone - 301-776-0430

 E-Mail Ed at ed.bouton@earthlink.net

I lived on Hickam (NCO Housing) for 3 1/2 years and graduated from Radford in January 1965 (I know, strange).  The family returned to San Antonio where I did a couple of years at San Antonio College and married Linda M. Clark (class of'67) when her family was also transferred there. We spent a year & a half in England up around Leads and then returned to Maryland (Wash area) where we both graduated from the U of MD.  I had 4 boys (two from the first marriage and 2 from the second). I have 32 years with the Montgomery County Dept of Health & Human Services where I am the budget officer.  I own a second home on the water (which I built myself) on the Eastern Shore where I intend to retire soon (at least for the summers). Current hobbies: building anything, computers, reading, history, anything in or around the water.  Current best toys: custom Harley Sportster, 19.7 CrisCraft Concept, C5 Corvette. Did I mention I never really grew up. Still miss Hawaii!! 

P.S. Some of you might remember me from the tiny little red Fiat  and later the huge green 1947 Studebaker I drove around for what seems like every waking moment I wasn't in the water or occasionally in school. ;)
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