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Bonnie Calhoun at home
Summer '63

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A page from Ace Evers' scrapbook

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Another page from Ace Evers' scrapbook

Tom Harrison & Chuck Holmes

Sandy Augustine and the chorus

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Morna Baker waits for the pool to open at
Hickam AFB - Summer '63

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Junior Class President Sue Coleman's Aloha Party on the Matson liner taking her away from her friends at Radford after Junior year (Note Christine Yaeger in her Dewey Weber T-shirt)
Summer '63

Tom Rickey's band entertained at the Fashion Show

Men's Swim Team - 63

Row 1: Jim Thompson, Bill Clump, Johnny Johnson, Jan
Saddler, John Leo. Row 2: George Walkinshaw, Dick Fitzhugh,
Gary Leo, George Tanner, Bob Barber. Row 3: Mike Fitzhugh,
Mike Reed, John McClure, Bob Downey, Bob May.