Judith Louise "Judy" Meyer Wagner

Job Title - Biology Teacher
Current Location - San Francisco Bay Area, California
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UPDATE - 7/21/14:   I moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area almost two years ago; I still miss Hawaii, but it got to be too far away, with all my family on the Mainland.  I've been teaching biology and environmental science at another private school; moving toward retirement, but not quite there yet.  Looking forward to seeing everyone in Las Vegas in September!

10/15/11 It's been over 5 years since I moved back to Oahu; hard to believe that the 9th-graders who opened our new high school are sophomores in college now!  Island Pacific Academy has become a well-established private school in west Oahu; those of you who haven't been back in a while would be amazed at what the old Barber's Point area looks like.  We work in a construction zone; Costco, Target, and Walmart have all moved into Kapolei, and there's a big new judicial complex.  The Ko Olina resort, just west of Kapolei, has a brand new Disney hotel, and the APEC conference in November will have their closing dinner at the Ihilani Hotel in Ko Olina.  In some ways west Oahu looks like Suburbia, USA (at least the parts where palm trees can grow!), but it's still its own place too; here is what I said about that in my Christmas letter a few years ago:

"This is what it's like where I live:  I'm at an indoor mall that has three Starbucks and a Macy's, shopping for my daughter at American Eagle Outfitters, and just outside the store, a troup of small boys in grass skirts and kukui nut lei are dancing hula to a chant in honor of Queen Lili'uokalani; in Borders, the sign on the bargain table is in pidgin.  It is the same as everywhere else, but different."

It's been fun to see classmates Ginny Lockyer Olson and Trudy Porter Schafer when they've been on Oahu to visit family; hadn't seen Ginny since 1964!  I attended some of Radford's 50th anniversary events a few years ago; didn't see any of our classmates, but Carol Mason French (class of '65) recognized me immediately, even though she didn't know I was coming!  Got a tour of Radford then too; it's amazing what they're doing for military kids and other newcomers now.  The biology pond is gone though -- filled in after a groundskeeper drove a mower into it, is the story I heard!

I've enjoyed hearing from some of you and wish I'd kept in touch with more than the few I have!

UPDATE:  6/18/06
  Starting in August 2006, I'll be teaching at a new private school called Island Pacific Academy. in west Oahu.  It's located in the new town of Kapolei, out near Ewa Beach and what used to be called Barber's Point.  After college in Indiana and my whole adult life in California, I'm going to be working and living maybe 20 minutes from where we went to high school!  Hawaii was very good to me back then, and this seems like a great opportunity to give something back to Hawaii's children, as well as participate in an exciting new venture -- not to mention returning to a great location.  I'd love to hear from some of you!
I found this site while on sabbatical in Honolulu and planning to visit Radford -- what fun to remember it all while I'm here! Radford's principal is doing a lot to get the military -- and the alumni (e.g., via the Foundation) -- to help the school; I was impressed.

38 years in a paragraph: I graduated from Valparaiso University in 1968 and went immediately from NW Indiana to California; been there ever since. Got a teaching credential at Stanford, taught HS biology a few years, returned to Stanford for a PhD in biology, taught (mostly at Cal State Hayward), worked in nature travel (including Hawaii trips) and environmental consulting; now in my 10th year (4th as Dept Head) of teaching biology at a private HS (hence the semester sabbatical). Was married for a long time, but no longer; our adopted daughter (brought home at age 2 days) is 21 and in college.

Would love to hear from some of you! - 12/5/2002
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