CDR Clarke Young SC USN (ret)

Job Title - Program Integration Specialist
Current Location - 10257 Trails End Circle, San Diego, CA 92126
Telephone - 858-689-2033

 E-Mail Clarke at  New - 7/25/2003

Update - 7/25/2003 - I changed jobs in February which is why the old e-mail didn't work. Now working for the Feds as a Program Integration Specialist  supporting the F/A-22, Comanche, and F-35 programs at Northrop Grumman Space Technologies-Radio Systems in San Diego.

I did not graduate from Radford but left at the end of 10th grade. Splitting high school was not fun, leaving old friends and finding it hard to integrate into groups that had been together since junior high. The school I moved to in San Diego was not full of military brats. Anyway, that aside, I did find one friend via your pages and saw several familiar names. My time since leaving Radford has been full. A wife of 32 years PhD Ed, two grown boys, three degrees, BS, MBA, MS and a military career. I've lived in exotic places-Japan, Okinawa, Thailand and Indonesia and did the Viet Nam thing that many of our classmates did. Was also there for the evacuation of Saigon. After retiring from the Navy in 1992 I went to Kuwait for three years to work with the U.S. Army then to Saudi Arabia for 5 years working for the Saudi Navy. Now back in San Diego for the past 4 months working as a Logistician on a long term Navy Project as a contractor. Seeing the old pictures and reading updates was really great.

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