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Gilbert Newton 'Gil' Hays

Job Title -
Current Location - San Antonio, TX
Telephone -

Thirty five years goes by fast when you are having fun. After Radford and the U of H the Army joined me for the next 21 years. Marriage and three kids later we retired in San Antonio. I now work for the Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice and have one more kid to get thru college. I am really looking forward to hearing from old friends and class mates.

I only spent my senior year at Radford but like most military brats made a
number of friends quickly. After Radford I went to U of H along with a few
people like Pam Horn and Chris Bailey. Most people either PCS back to the
mainland or went back for college. I did run into Jim Feurtado at Fort
Benning Officer Candidate School in 1969. Other than that I don't know what
happened to the many people I met at Radford.

I fully support a class reunion and will help in any way I can.

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