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Hattie M. Nolan Surles

Job Title - Owner - Hattie's Cakes and Catering
Current Location - 2100 Belvedere Dr., Baytown, Texas 77520
Telephone -  (281) 427-5396

New Email - 7/21/2008

Updated - 10/8/2008 I thought I had better let you all know that we survived the storm that hit here a month ago.  We did really well here but other places in town and all around us all over the area were hit really terribly hard.  We were without electricity for 15 days almost exactly.  I think the worst thing about the storm is that it hit at night.  The others we have weathered were during the day and at least we could see what was going on.    It was thought that we might flood here at our house but we live quite a bit above sea level.  Other parts of town that flooded are right on the Houston Ship Channel and those places are totally gone.

We were actually supposed to be out of town the weekend the hurricane hit.  After considering all things, we decided not leave.  It was a very hard decision to make since we were supposed to be in Ft. Worth at my step-Dad's 80th birthday.  My problem was that I had wedding cakes for the next weekend and if the storm was as bad as they thought, we would not be able to get home and all the cakes I had made for those weddings would be lost with no electricity.  We did stay home and with the help of generators, were able to keep the freezers and refrigerators going, saved the cakes and was even able to save my neighbors food out of their freezers.  I am sorry that we did not make the party but not sorry that we stayed.  We were able to help a lot of people and made a couple of brides very happy the next weekend.

7/21/2008  Rumors of Hattie's retirement have been put to rest!  Hattie reports that she's "working hard and furious" doing her cakes and catering.  She wonders if anyone has heard anything from Lee Funn?  

I married in July after graduating a year early in '63. We moved to Arkansas where my husband at first worked for a bridge construction company. While there we had 2 children. In 1967 we moved to Orange Texas where he went to work for DuPont - then transferred to DuPont in LaPorte Tx in 1968. We settled in Baytown Texas and have lived here since then. Quite a change from the military life I had lived as a child. While here we have added another daughter and 9 grandchildren. Since my mother had taught cake decorating while we were in Hawaii, I sort of picked it up. I dabbled over the years and finally had to quit a full time job as a podiatric assistant to go full time into wedding catering. Now my husband has retired and I am trying to do the same.

Thanks, Dean, for the site to get connected. I have been looking for a long time and am truly thrilled to renew old acquaintances. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers her or if you know any kids from the class of '63.

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