Frank 'Hutch' Hutchinson

Hutch.jpg (6295 bytes)  As a Freshman  allhailHeader.jpg (12727 bytes)    Habanero Heat by Hutch is available throughout the USA. "My sauces are hot ~ not insane. Heat with flavor. Your food should not hurt you........ As in everything - moderation is the key." Order through the web site:

Job Title - Hot Sauce Entrepreneur
Current Location - Washington, VA
Telephone - 540-675-2-HOT

I was in the class of 64 but we moved to Northern VA the summer of my soph. yr.
Yearbooks gone - I lived on Hickam. You ever know the Hallenbeck bros?
Any of this ring a bell give me an e-mail. Really looking forward to the
unknown and any contacts. IT WAS GREAT GROWING UP (PARTIALLY)

I'm a full boat HEATMAN. Mid-life course adjustment. Bldr/sales mgr/rep/etc.
but this is the most fun I ever had & "what-the-hey" ya only go round once!

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