William Wade 'Bill' Hately

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Current Location - 23560 E. Moraine Place, Aurora, Colorado   NEW!!
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Update - April 6, 2014 - Just heard from Bill Hately who writes "Just a short but very sweet update. Retired on 3/31/2014. This time I mean it. Honest. Scout's honor.

A good two years in San Antonio with Davis Vision/Visionworks but Colorado is home for good now. Jeanne retired at the end of 2013 so it's off to see the world and our children/grandchildren scattered across the US. Beginning the adventure with a cruise in the next couple of days, Florida through the Panama Canal to Vancouver, BC. We're as giddy with our planning the next couple of years as a couple of teenagers running away from home together.....only thing missing is a mass of plumeria leis!"

04/1/2012  Aloha, y'all! I'm practicing my San Antonio take on greetings since moving here six weeks ago. Time for an update for those who traffic this site.

2012I hadn't planned on ever leaving the Denver area but as the wisest of men say, life happens. I have been in Colorado since retiring from the Army in 1995 but, the good news is this is not a permanent move. We are keeping our home in Colorado and will return in about two years. This Texas hill country is not known for its fly fishing, you understand. Bluebonnets for sure, but no snowshoeing either. San Antonio was not an unknown for me when the job offer came in. I spent a memorable Christmas here in the 60's and was assigned here in the early 80's in a teaching position for the Army. However, much has changed in the last quarter century....and San Antonio has changed as well.

Quick family snapshot. 10 grandchildren now, the youngest a set of 8 month old twin girls in Virginia and the oldest running track in Tennessee for her junior high team. She also had a part in the local community theater production of Annie last year. We adore each and every one of them and regret our distance as they grow. None live in Colorado. I suppose that is what motor homes are made for. My wife, Jeanne, travels (too much) across the country establishing brick and mortar nursing training programs for a for-profit college system, Corinthian Colleges. She was an OR nurse most of her career and her PhD took her to this educational connection to the profession. One week finds her in California and the next in Georgia. Youngest son in Afghanistan as an Army Ranger in the mountains bordering Pakistan. I don't ask too many questions. He defines it as delivering extreme violence in our behalf.

I couldn't resist one more chance to take on a challenge with the new position in a large national vision benefits company. More details on LinkedIn for those who wear glasses. They moved their old headquarters of 40 years from Long Island, NY to San Antonio in 2011 and many of the staff decided not to make the move. New York City to San Antonio? Most could not conceive of the transition. Left a good team at WellPoint to join a good team here. Considering the vision benefits business, it seems to me like the same church just a different pew.

We enjoy good health and good friends. Still travel a lot including overseas. Had to cancel a long-planned week in Maui earlier this year because of the move/job. I owe Jeanne big time on that one! Shattered my left foot in 2005 from a fall off a ladder onto our redwood deck at home during weekend chores - put a kabosh on running which I sorely miss (no pun intended). Dodged a bigger bullet in 2008 from malignant skin cancer. Excised successfully with no migration so got to skip chemo/radiation. It did leave a significant dent in the top of my head, just the same size as a 3 wood but I promise you we don't have an Escalade with a broken window to go with it.

Visiting San Antonio in the next couple of years? The office is on the river walk, three blocks from the Alamo. Let's do dinner! Tex-Mex, y'all. Aloha.

Update - 07/18/2001  Graduate of University of New Mexico (BS), Webster University (MA), Southern College of Optometry (OD). Career in US Army (first 4 years in the "real" Army, the remainder as an optometrist) with duties in Viet Nam, Hawaii, Texas, Colorado, Wash DC, Germany, Desert Storm. Retired in 1995. Transitioned into managed eye health care in Denver and in 1999 started an internet-based health care provider information firm in Denver. Launched the company into the headwinds of the market downturn; still on the list of the living, but struggling to thrive. In the meantime went back to a "real job" with a Blue Cross Blue Shield subsidiary. Married, four great children, four equally great stepchildren and mostly spend any snippets of free time traveling, skiing and fly fishing the streams of Colorado.