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Frank Rudolph 'Jack' Frost IV

Job Title - Student
Current Location - 2000 N. Alder ST #8
Ellensburg, WA 98926
Telephone - 509-929-1950


  * New email 3-1-2012

UPDATE - 12/28/2006 - I have been the world's worst procrastinator. I wanted to get my email updated ASAP. MAYBE someone will want to communicate. I will update my stuff real soon. I guess I am living life backwards. I will be graduating (with honors) from Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington this year as an IT major. Aloha - I will be writing more soon.

Actually graduated at Radford HS in Honolulu, but I still feel a major part of me was at North Kingstown. I wish I had been able to graduate from there. I miss NK, Wickford, quahogs, et al. I've been really fortunate since graduation: Went to Bombay, India (1972) (drove there via Belgium, Europe, Middle East); traveled lots - went back to San Diego area (Lemon Grove) got married for 2 years (wasted a great marriage); started drinking and wasted next 15 years and still traveled trying to "find myself" (which was a crock); finally ended up in Seattle, Washington (via Oklahoma and Kentucky) in 1980. Took 9 more years but finally got sick and tired of being a practicing alcoholic (drunk) - Since February 6, 1989 have now a decent life with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous and many friends in that fellowship. I am doing well.