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Scotty & Ilene 

Sidney Scott 'Scotty' Wade, Jr.

Job Title - retired Airline Pilot
Current Location - near Bryson City, NC
Telephone -
  New 1/19/2002

Scotty & Ilene at the reunion (Click to see who else was there)
Update 8/6/2007 - I have been retired for a couple of years now.  Ilene and I live in the mountains of North Carolina near Bryson City during the summer months and in Pensacola Beach, Florida during the winter.  Spend most of my time working in the community theater, fishing, and entertaining the constant flow of house guests.  Seems that when you live in two fairly desirable places everybody you know that lives within a day or two drive wants to visit.  I think I should pack up and move to my favorite place, Hawaii.  Sure do miss the place.  Wish it wasn't so far away.

Finally got in touch with Ashley Brown via phone. He is hoping to be on line in a week or so and will check in when he is up and running.

This has been the most amazing experience. I have been trying to find these four guys for years with no luck. In less than a month, twenty-six days to be exact, thanks to you and Bob Hooper, I have found them all. And they are all well. Thanks again. - 7/27/99

Thanks to Al I found Bob Hooper who thinks he has a lead on Russ Hollingsworth and Ashley Brown. Bob and I are planning to see each other in August 7-18-99

I only went to Radford senior year. I've been looking for classmates, Bob Hooper, Bill Curley, Russ Hollingsworth and Ashley Brown and others ever since I got this computer. Haven't found anyone yet.

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