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Kenneth Soala Tupua

Job Title - Executive Director, American Samoa National Olympic Committee
Current Location - Box 1913, PagoPago, American Samoa, 96799
Telephone - 684-633-5058

 E-Mail Ken at

Kenneth Tupua - Executive Director

Also Secretary General for the ASNOC.  Executive Director since 1993.  In December 2005, started work for the Department of Parks & Recreation.  Specifically as a grant writer, and to work on upgrading the recreation division.  This has proven to be good in merging the work of the National Olympic Committee with recreational opportunities available in the community and the schools.  Ken was instrumental in merging the efforts of the ASNOC and the Parks & Recreation department to support the GEAR UP Program starting in 2006.  For the 2007 school year, the ASNOC, along with the recreation division from Parks & Recreation, provided coaches and administrators for recreational work with thirteen elementary schools affiliated with the GEAR UP program.  For 2008, the GEAR UP Program has signed an MOU with the ASNOC to provide services to the thirteen schools for the next five years.  The specific services that will be provided will be recreational level sports activities to enhance the physical endurance for the students.  the idea being that with being physically fit, the kids will be better suited to learn and retain the basic information provided in their school subjects over the long term. 

Entered the U.S. Air Force, August 7, 1964. Retired from Air Force in September 1984. Moved to American Samoa in 1985. Currently involved in sports development for the American Samoa National Olympic Committee. I am currently the Secretary General for the ASNOC. Coaching basketball for a local High School - Girls Varsity team. Also the national team coach for the American Samoa Basketball women's team. Also do youth development of kids ages 8 to 18 years old. Instead of concentrating on one sport, we do a lot different sports to allow the youth to get an idea of what other sports there are for them to participate in. We do archery, basketball, volleyball, cross country running, track & field and darts. Looking at adding swimming, outrigger canoe, sailing.
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