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Kris Mickel Brown

Current Location - 54 Northern Harrier Rd, Reed Point, MT, 59069
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Update July 2009 - What a year for weddings in our family! We went down to Utah in May for the wedding of our granddaughter Chelsea Brown (now Lehman) and enjoyed all the festivities and seeing lots of family. Enjoyed a brief visit in June when brother Dan Mickel drove up from TX (stopping to pick up our dad in AR). It was great to see them both and was only disappointed that Dan's new (Dec '08) wife Carolyn could not make the trip from Hawaii as she was ill. Our youngest daughter, Ann (who was widowed in '05), got remarried in June. Mickel1.jpg (108442 bytes) We are looking forward to driving out to NH in October for the big celebration they are having. The wedding itself was only the two of them and a couple of witnesses. They were married aboard ship off the coast of Maine. (Romantic!)

I married Ed Brown (Radford '61) in summer of 1963 and we're still going strong after 45 years! Three kids: Lorree (born 1964), Troy (born 1965), Annjannett (born 1966).

Lorree married a Navy "lifer" in 1982 (its probably genetic her mom and both grandmothers married career servicemen) and they are now retired from the Navy and living in Cleburn, TX. Wayne works for Doskosil in Arliington and Lorree is the secretary at Olivia's private school. They gave us 3 grandkids: Kristyann 21, Alex 17, Olivia 11.

Troy married a nice Mormon girl from Utah in 1987. He spent 5 yr in the Army and is now a Juvenile Probation Officer Supervisor for Cache County, Logan, Utah. Linda is the CFO for Cache County Health Dept. They gave us 3 grandkids also: Chelsea 20, Justin 18, and Kyle 15.

Ann married a computer techie from Massachusetts in 1989. Michael tragically died in 2005 of a heart attack at age 39. Ann works as IT Network Mgr for a huge power company/brokerage in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. She and Mike gave us two grandsons: Eddie 19, and Dallas 16. She currently lives with her significant other, Kevin, on a nice 15 acre place outside a very small town near the NH coast.

My husband Ed also was career Navy, retired in 1982. We moved out to Wyoming, to my folks' place and lived in their 3 BR house so they could build a smaller house on the lot next door. Spent 7 yrs there till the jobs dried up in the small town (pop.897) so we moved 80 miles west over the mountains to Jackson (Hole) and lived there for 18 years till we retired from ALL work in 2006 and built our dream house on 20 acres here in Stillwater County, Montana. 

I was a stay at home mom for the first 7 years of but went to work when the youngest started school. I have worked mostly clerical jobs as Executive Secretary or Office Manager. I worked as Secretary to 4 professors of Computer Science at UNC for 5 yr in the 70's, Administrative Assistant to the head of the Radiology Dept at the Great Lakes VA Hospital in the early 80's, and as Certified Medical Coding Specialist at the Hospital in Jackson for 12 yr. The last 6 yr in Jackson I ran the office for Watchguard Alarm Systems (and the greatest couple in the world to work for! owned the business).  Those people were the very best to work for and I hated to leave that job - but was more than ready to retire (as was Ed) and was ready to leave Jackson. It is a gorgeous place but it is also a tourist mecca because of the Yellowstone and Teton Parks during the summer and the skiing in the winter. You get real tired of dealing with all that after a while.   Ergo, our love of the quiet here - we put the house in the middle of our 20 acres, which is 10 miles from anything in all.  It's so quiet and peaceful and I have clear views of 3 different mountain ranges, all within 50 miles of the house.  

3D angel: for a tree topper, on a mantel, table decoration...

Now that we're retired I designed my dream house to include my sewing room and I spend many hours with my sewing machines, crochet and knitting needles, etc. Then I go sell my stuff at craft fairs so I can afford to buy more supplies to make more stuff!

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