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Rick Jorgensen

Job Title - Manager, Payment Support
Current Location - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Telephone -

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I lived on Kauai for one year, then moved to Foster Village and attended Aliamanu Intermediate School for one year and Radford in 1961 and 1962. We lived on Kukila Street, up near the water tank, the WWII pillbox, and the old farm.  My brother and I spent lots of time at the pool, too.  He was a fearless diver, full gainers, back flips, etc.  Wasn't Joan Russell a lifeguard there?  I think her father was in charge of the place.

My dad was U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and was the project site engineer for the breakwater which protects Lihue harbor on Kauai and the bridge which spans the second entrance to Honolulu harbor.

There are a number of people on your web pages that I remember quite well, and may contact.  Paul Nihei and Stephanie (Steve) Allen aren't there, but Karen Snyder, Diann Maerk, Mike Gipson, Sandi Nowlan and Mickey Fiore were all friends.  Also, Mike Costa and I were involved with the baseball team.  Some of the other people I remember from Foster Village were John and Judy Dillon, Steve, Paul and Mary Allport and Tyne Ahola. 

I reluctantly left after my Sophomore year when my Dad's job took the family back to Kenmore, New York.  Finished High School there and graduated from Houghton College, a small school in southern New York State, majoring in Sociology and Psychology.  Found a job through a friend in Toronto, loved the city, and have been here ever since.  

I was a Community Services caseworker and supervisor for a number of years, and have managed all of the Social Assistance payments for the City of Toronto for the past 13 years.

Happily married for almost 34 years.  No kids, but always a dog around, currently an unusual chocolate brown and white poodle puppy.

Parents both deceased, but my brother Bob (Radford, class of '62) is a very talented woodworker / designer just outside Denver, Colorado.

Interests include golf in the summer, curling in the winter (for you warm weather residents - check out, photography, painting and travel.  Favorite destinations include France, Scotland, Cape Cod and South Carolina. 
I have been back to Kauai and Oahu only once, but I often recall those happy days in Hawaii.  It would be great to make contact with some old friends.
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