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$8000 Dollar Surfboard!

Friday night, September 11, 2009, to a packed house at the San Diego convention center, 23 of San Diego's finest surfboard craftsmen displayed the best example of their handy work in a Charity Auction. The auction was conducted by a team of professional auctioneers, raising the crowd to a frenzy with amazing works of the Shapers' Art, but item 21 brought the room to it's feet. A 9 foot 2 inch presentation of one of Surfboards Hawaii's most famous riders, Billy Hamilton's Stylist I model.  It had a sunburst stringer design reminiscent of Hawaii's Wayne Miyata's famous "Rising Sun" pigment color pattern.
Bidding started at $3,000.00 dollars, quickly rising to a fever pitch and finally knocked down for $8,000!  Rusty Preisendorfer, President of Rusty Surfboards, was the winning bidder for the board.

RustyPreisendorferBuysPhillipsBoardFor$8000.jpg (300017 bytes)

Who was the builder of this magnificent piece of the Shapers' Art?  None other than Jim "The Genius" Phillips, a 1964 graduate of Arthur W. Radford High School in Honolulu.

BuyerBuilder.jpg (253784 bytes)

Watch the auction here on  youtube

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